The following is a general guide to how a new or revitalized franchise is developed and the support Franchise Integration will provide throughout the process:

  1. Conduct a feasibility study and draft a strategic plan.
  2. Create an operating plan including specific tasks and goals.
  3. Fee structure and collection systems development
  4. Work with legal counsel to develop a franchise agreement.
  5. Operations Manual development
  6. Work with legal counsel to develop a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  7. Initiate development of a Full System Compliance System.
    a. Reporting systems
    b. Use of online systems
    c. Compliance criteria
    d. Records and correspondence systems
    e. Remediation processes
  8. Marketing and lead generation
  9. Business plan development
  10. Capitalization strategy
  11. Qualification process for potential franchisees
  12. Development of a robust training and communication model
  13. Program Launch
  14. Employee selection
  15. Continuing process assessment and recommendations
  16. Support in dealing with professional service providers and vendors to reduce costs
  17. Corporate governance support
  18. Continued value assessment and enhancement to insure franchisees experience maximum benefit.
  19. One-on-one coaching and troubleshooting.
  20. Continued communication and alerts regarding growth opportunities