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Master or Regional Development

Is it in your future?

By Jack Eberenz

Franchising is the sale of the right to use the franchisor’s successful business model and brand for an agreed to period of time.  The franchisee (buyer of the rights) pays various fees to obtain a proprietary operating system.  The franchisee also benefits from support and a common brand for marketing purposes (think Subway, Merry Maids, Roto-Rooter, etc). READ MORE

Six Franchising Facts Of Life

Straight talk about franchising

By Alan Tarr

 At Franchise Integration, over the years, our advisors have been franchisees, franchisors, CEOs and consultants to numerous companies looking to enter the franchise arena or grow their franchise network.  We have found that, all too often, franchisors come to us with any number of unrealistic ideas of how the franchising process works, and how they can simply turn on the franchise spigot and reap the flood of franchise fees and royalties that will soon come their way.  Unfortunately, it is not that easy.  READ MORE

How Much Money Can I Make If I Buy Your Franchise?

Be careful what you promise.  Don't fall prey to your own "Napkin Incident"

By Jack Eberenz

The most litigated provision in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the Financial Performance Representations (FPRs), otherwise known as Item 19.   READ MORE

Dealing With A Problem Franchisee?

Six alternatives to messy termination litigation   

By Jack Eberenz

In every franchise system there comes a time when a franchisee has problems.  The problem could be failure to report results as required, failure to pay royalties or fees, failure to adhere to standards or whatever else could threaten the brand. READ MORE